Our Speech
We are sincerely proud to provide a food product that has become part of our social identity and one of the most important features of our society throughout the generations. We believe that our responsibility in Abdul-Rahman & Muhammad Al-Abdul-Aziz Al-Shalan Company is beyond providing quality products to the local and gulf markets. We are also holding on to the social role that we play in the daily life of the Saudi family. For decades, rice remained as the king of the Saudi table on which the family gathers everyday. Among the different brands of rice, the customer has always trusted and credited rice throughout the years. The strong ties between the Saudi family and Al-Shalan Company did not develop by chance or through familiarity, but were the result of hard work and insisting on preserving the quality of what we provide. Our main goal and the essence of our work is to be worthy of trust and credit.Today we celebrate out consistent commitment and the achievements we made. Still, our future aspirations are far beyond what we achieved. What we seek is far beyond what we have achieved because we believe our society always deserves the best, and we are always committed to provide the best.