Our Speech
The brothers Abdul-Rahman and Muhammad Al-Abdul-Aziz lost their father in an early age. They found themselves working in the private sector in the beginnings of their lives. Soon they established a family company for importing foodstuff in 1950. Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Abdul-Aziz Al-Shalan went to meet his maker in 1416 AH after a great and successful career. After that his brother and companion carried the responsibility of the success they had achieved together. Today Sheikh Muhammad Al-Abdul-Aziz Al-Shalan is the chairman of the board and the general director. After more than 60 years, the company is still an intimate family that hold on to the same noble values. Enjoying a young and modern framework, the second generation of the family are now carrying the torch of success and leading the company to a promising future that copes with the developments and breakthroughs in all fields.