Al alamin Rice
rice has proved its worth in comparison with other rice brands. For decades, this distinction would not decline because we are committed to producing Al-Alamin rice according to international standards. Our product is a high quality product that satisfies the highest quality standards in the rice industry. During the stages of producing rice, we consider each rice grain to be a standalone product. Thus, each rice grain goes through numerous tests and procedures to ensure the quality, safety and purity of the grain on its way from the farm to the table. Besides the high standards of storage, the ventilation specifications and the advanced transport mechanisms, the highest standard in rice production at Al-Shalan company is refraining from touching the rice all through the different stages of production. Despite the difficulty and expense of such obligation, Al-Shalan has provided everything possible to fully mechanize the production process and make human ecessary. We did that in order to preserve the purity and flavor of our rice.