You & Us… Priorities and Values
For many years, Abdul-Rahman & Muhammad Al-Abdul-Aziz Al-Shalan Company has been responsible for the Saudi table. The company is planning to be worthy of that honor for decades to come. Out of the long history of Arabian generosity we are emerging, led by a system of values upon which we build our aspirations and objectives.
ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  ـــ  
Continuity: Our Path to the Future
Continuity of companies depend on their ability to harmonize, adopt and in many cases develop new trends. Our decision-making process depends on foreseeing future opportunities of food production, respecting the customer of today and working with him on defining his needs of tomorrow and the years to come.